Brenndan Cooper

PGA teaching Professional

Brenndan has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of the Best Young Teachers in America as well as one of the Top Teachers in Missouri.

A recipient of the Midwest Section PGA Teacher of the Year award, Brenndan has had the opportunity to coach players on the professional tours, club champions as well as junior and high school champions on the local, state and national level.

A PGA Youth Development Award winner, Brenndans success is evident by the fact that he has had the great pleasure of helping numerous high school players receive college golf scholarships. His players have won AJGA events, along with local player of the year honors.


  • Best Young Teachers in America, Golf Digest
  • Top Teachers in State, Golf Digest
  • Teacher of the Year, Midwest Section PGA 2016
  • Youth Development Award, Midwest Section PGA 2014
  • Horton Smith Award, Midwest Section PGA 2011, 2012, 2015
20,000+ lessons taught

what people say

Brenndan takes great pride is helping golfers of all skill levels!



I've had three sessions with Brenndan and have been very pleased with the thoroughness of instruction and resulting changes/improvements to my swing. He has a great set-up with all the data collection and measurement devices that help assess the golf swing. I would highly recommend Brenndan for golfers of any skill level!

Sean G.

5 Stars

Brenndan is a great instructor who guides you along the instruction so that you understand why the changes you're making are changing the outcomes you're getting. Relaxed and collaborative teaching environment with all the technology to get objective data on what's going on with your golf swing.

Jamer o.



Putting Lab with 5 camera angles and trackman.

Measuring- Face angle, Path, Roll, Lift & Posture


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