Instruction Services



Individual sessions and New Student Evaluations begins with an interview about the current state of your game, any physical limitations that may affect your ability to swing and the goals you want to achieve with your golf game. During the analysis the appropriate technology will be used if needed; Flightscope, mySwing and or BodiTrak. We will use our Flightscope 3D Doppler Ball Tracking Monitor and High Speed video to measure exactly how you are delivering the golf club to the golf ball, along with our BodiTrak and mySwing 3D Motion Capture Systems.

These systems allows us to quickly and objectively diagnose swing faults and utilize real time feedback to improve how your body moves during the golf swing. We will review the information collected and go over the specifics drills and training exercises needed for improvement. At the end of the session a summary and practice plan of the key points will be discussed. All of this information along with the initial analysis will be put into your personal online training space which can be accessed from any computer or smart phone so that you may review on your own during your practice time. You can view pricing below and our technology used in these lessons here.


With our junior development programs we strive to give our junior players the coaching, instruction and positive support they need for them to improve their games and grow as players and individuals. All of our young players have the opportunity to work and learn in a fun, supportive and safe environment.

We want our young players to be excited about the game and to grow a true love for the game. It is key for them to have and build the necessary skills needed. Our programs help junior players create the appropriate skills, mindset and confidence needed for the golf course.


Brenndan Cooper Golf offers comprehensive and state of the art clubfitting. Custom-fit golf clubs will make a big difference in your game and we have exactly what you're looking for.

Custom fitting is a critical piece of the overall puzzle of providing a golfer with the tools and information necessary to reach their potential in the game. Our fittings will provide accurate appraisals of all of the following key specifications necessary for a perfect fit: