Junior Programs



With our junior development programs we strive to give our junior players the coaching, instruction and positive support they need for them to improve their games and grow as players and individuals. All of our young players have the opportunity to work and learn in a fun, supportive and safe environment.

We want our young players to be excited about the game and to grow a true love for the game. It is key for them to have and build the necessary skills needed. Our programs help junior players create the appropriate skills, mindset and confidence needed for the golf course.

  • AJGA Champions
  • College Golfers
  • Top High School State Finishers
  • US Kids Summer Series Champions
  • Kansas City Jr. Player of the Years
  • High School District and Conference Champions
  • PGA Student Athlete Award Winners
  • State Amateur Qualifies
Why do players enjoy our programs and have so much success? Durable and lasting progress is sometimes difficult to measure in golf. We have the score, obviously, but the gradual improvements don’t always show up on the course as quickly as we would like. And even when they do, the inevitable peaks and valleys of performance can make it difficult for golfers to truly measure learning and progress.

In the absence of quality coaching, players may begin to wonder whether they are working on the right thing, why their hard work is yet to pay off, and if they are actually getting any better. This is one reason why our jr development programs are so successful. We introduce creative ways to motivate students to stick to the improvement process. Through games and skill based coaching, we can design satisfying work that will push and challenge students to complete all the vital steps of skill acquisition.


Ages 4 - 6
SNAG contains all the elements of golf but in a modified form. SNAG allows for full shots, pitching, chipping, and putting. It’s all about having FUN while learning the basics of golf. The key is in simplifying the instruction so that it can be an effective transition into the game of golf. The program builds on strong fundamentals of the different strokes and swings and develops playing ability quickly and effectively.


The Action Steps we take with players in our program.

Set Goals Create Competition Administer Assessments/Skills Tests Encourage Social Connectivity


Our Future Stars Program (Ages 7 to 11) and Rising Stars Program (Ages 12 and older) is designed for young players who are just getting started or the intermediate player.

Players will be coached in all areas of the game on and off the course. They will play fun games and drills to enhance and develop the essential skills they need to become golfers or better golfers.

This multi week program meets weekly and focuses on enhancing and improving the players swing technique, short game and golf course management. Young golfers will practice their game under the supervision and instruction of our talented teaching professionals. Players will have the opportunity to work and learn in a fun, supportive and safe environment.

Flightscope Evaluation

We will use Flightscope with players to monitor their swing along with the use of high speed video analysis. The Flightscope uses Doppler radar to measure and provide data such as swing speed, delivery of the club head to the ball, spin rates, and more.

Online Training

Players will have access to their own personal online training space. Their space will have videos and notes from individual instruction sessions, personal practice plans, important information as it relates to the group, plus more.

Skills Assessment

Students are taken through comprehensive skills assessments and evaluations in order for us to put them on a practice regiment that will focus directly on any critical weaknesses. These assessments also help us establish carefully-crafted performance goals for each student.

Short Game Evaluation

This short game test is given to both analyze each player’s short game condition and to help motivate them towards improvement. Through many years of research we know how players at every level should score on this test in order to perform well in tournaments. This test also helps us prioritize each participant’s short game practice.

Equipment Evaluation

Participants will receive an equipment evaluation and club fitting session including loft and lie checks, club fitting specifications, set make-up review and condition check of all clubs and a comprehensive evaluation using the Flightscope launch monitor and Mizuno Shaft Analyzer.

Putting Analysis

This session will include a detailed computer analysis along with 3D analysis that will detail the golfer's putting stroke. The session will include a detailed plan for improvement.

Body Pressure Analysis

With the BodiTrak 3D Pressure Trace system players see real time data on how they interact with the ground and insight on things that need to be improved. The BodiTrak pressure mat captures a golfer's balance pattern; center of pressure position, weight distribution on left and right feet, weight distribution on heel and toe for both feet and stance width during the swing.

3D Swing Motion Analysis

Players will go through a complete mySwing 3D Motion Analysis. Using strategically placed sensors on a player’s body, the mySwing system will monitor the following aspects of a golf swing in 3D; Alignment, Posture, Hip and shoulder turn, Hip pivot at the top of the backswing, Hip bend and tilt during the swing, Spine movement during the swing, plus more.